I'll Drive It - The Driving Instructor i-phone App.
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  I'll drive it: The Driving Instructor app is designed to provide U.K. Driving Instructors with a repeatable method of giving instant feedback to driving students performing controlled (emergency) stops and eco driving tasks. The app also gives the Instructor a simple way of recording the change in a student's competency level as their driving lessons progress. A simple road sign quiz is included as an additional educational opportunity.

Information on route taken, competencies changed, controlled stops performed and eco-driving warnings are all output via e-mail so your students will have a permanent record of their progress and achievements.

The I'll drive it app comes with five student record slots pre-loaded
so you can get started straight away. Additional Student driver
record slots are available via in-app purchasing.
feedback as to
how smoothly
the student is

anticipation and
planning skills.

parameters from
easy to difficult.
  Output exceedances to route trace   viewable in Google Earth © .
Compare students controlled stops to Highway Code stopping distance table.

No more guesswork as to pass or fail.

See where improvements can
be made.
  Bell sounds to indicate start of test.
  Compare student effort to that of an   expert.
  Full graph and results for each test.
Review and
as your student
through their
driving lessons.

included, as
well as the
  Output competency changes to   student’s email address at the end
  of each lesson.
  Score competencies according to   whether they have been introduced,   under full instruction, prompted,   seldom prompted or independent.
About I'll drive it.
The advent of smartphones such as the iPhone, has finally allowed easy-to-use computing power to
become truly mobile.
The I'll drive it app was first conceived because of the profound lack of ability for most drivers to use
the brakes properly. The inventor reasoned that if learner drivers had a way of really understanding how good or bad their braking performance really was, then this would go with them throughout their driving career.
Although the Highway Code gives a clear table of the expected performance for controlled stops, until now, there has been no way of relating this data to real world situations. The I'll drive it app gives both the Instructor and the learner driver, real time and accurate information on the students use of the brakes.
Eco driving and the ability to drive a car smoothly is becoming a more critical part of driver training and so an eco driving module was included along with the brake trainer. The eco driving module gives the driver instant feedback as to how smoothly they are driving and as an added bonus, really helps them with their planning and anticipation. Based on the iPhones built-in accelerometers, the app detects less than smooth driving and sounds a warning bell if it detects that certain parameters have been exceeded.
Most Driving Instructors have lots of problems with keeping decent records of their student's competency changes. The I'l ldrive it app makes competency review and change an easy task and the e-mail out
function makes sure that the student has a record of the changes at the end of each lesson.
For all Driving Instructors, the I'll drive it app will be the must-have device, as most students have been brought up to expect technology to be a major part of their learning experience.
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